Learning to Kayak

Our first kayak adventureKayaking is one of my favorite sports. It’s pretty new for me as I only discovered it in 2012.


Our family was visiting Siesta Key, Florida and we decided to try it. Looking back it was a pretty funny adventure for us. We went on a guided tour of the mangrove tunnels and then kayaked in the bay. I think overall it was about a three hour trek. There’s one thing a kayak doesn't have; that’s a restroom. Unless you plan on going in the water, you better make a pit-stop before you embark. Remember, we were on a guided tour with about fifteen other people, so there was a lot of wincing and squirming before the rendezvous came to an end; and I'm not talking abut the kids.
We developed a love for kayaking in Florida and have done it on every vacation since then.

Ok whos doing the work here


Kayaking can be done by just about anyone with any skill or lack thereof. My wife and I both rented a  tandem kayak and each of us took one of the kids. The water in the bay was pretty easy to navigate. There were a few places the current was a little strong but nothing too hard for us beginners. I would strongly suggest the first time you  kayak should be in calm waters. There is nothing like having the dolphins lope in and out of the water just a few feet from you. The water has very strong healing powers for my well being.


We have since kayaked in San Diego a couple of times as well as on Lake Texoma.

Great views in the bayWe first Kayaked on Mission Bay in San Diego; such beautiful scenery and very calm water. A great place for beginners as well as the more experienced kayaker. We rented our kayaks from Mission Bay Sports Center. They treated us well and we were given some extra time at no charge. Allow yourself at least a couple of hours if you really want to enjoy the experience. Don’t be in a rush.


We also took an afternoon and kayaked in Coronado Island, CA. You have a completely unobstructed view of the San Diego skyline. This was a little more challenging for me as the current was pretty strong. It seemed we worked pretty hard to go nowhere fast. But hey, you’re in San Diego, what’s to complain about? We enjoyed a lot of beautiful homes, passing ships and that San Diego skyline. I think this location would be okay for beginners but I wouldn’t have wanted it to be my first time. At least not on the day we went. It was pretty windy.