Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn-Review

Humphrey's Half Moon

Inn & Suites

photo credit; Humprey's Half Moon Inn

My wife and I enjoyed a 24 hour getaway this past Monday thanks to my sister-in-law who volunteered to keep the kids while on our vacation in San Diego.


I booked a king bed room and was told when we checked in that we had been upgraded. When we got in the room, I called back down to the front desk to verify we were in the right room and there would be no additional charge. What we had been upgraded to was a one bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, granite counter tops and all the utensils needed for preparing a complete meal. I was assured we were in the right room and to enjoy my stay. That was the start to a fantastic 24 hour stay for us.

Harbor Side at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn

Exterior of Humphrey's Half Moon Inn

One bedroom suite at Humphrey's

Poolside at Humprhey's

We changed into our suits and headed for the pool. Humphrey's has the most tropical grounds I have seen on the mainland. First off, they are located on Shelter Island tucked away from the hustle and bustle of San Diego so they already have a laid back feel. Secondly, their landscape and architecture takes you to mid-century Hawaii the minute you drive onto the property. We felt as though we had just got off the airplane in the Hawaiian Islands.


I have read a lot of reviews of San Diego hotels and one of the things I have noticed is many of the hotels have an average or below average rating for customer service. I assure you, we had a very different experience at Humphrey's.


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The front desk staff was very courteous and helpful. Jackie who served us breakfast in the restaurant, was a delight and the doorman, I do wish I had gotten his name, was so proud of his job and making the guests feel welcome. The room was very clean and modern. I would say it was spacious as it should be for a one-bedroom apartment. We walked by some standard rooms and felt they were adequate size and just as nicely decorated as our room.


Our suite was overlooking the pool and tropical gardens. They Bay view is an upgrade, but my preference is definitely the pool. Because we were there on a Monday, we did not get to experience one of the concerts that Humphrey's hosts. They have quite a few big name acts come through and I'm told it is awesome to sit by the bay, eat, drink and listen to great music.


One of the nice touches was the birds they have on property similar to many hotels in Hawaii. If you are looking for a state side Hawaiian Island tropical experience, Humphrey's is a great choice. We did some hotel shopping while on Shelter Island.


I will just say that a few of the "Hawaii" themed hotels leave a lot to be desired. One hotel looked like it had been plucked dry of palm trees and the fountain in the middle courtyard was in huge disrepair and in desperate need of an exterior face lift. We will definitely be going back to Humphrey's for another visit.