Oahu Beaches

Most people think of Waikiki beach when they think of Hawaii. However, there are 112 miles of beautiful coastline on Oahu with some of the most pristine white sand beaches Hawaii has to offer. Oahu beaches rank at the top of the list of "best world beaches" year after year.


Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is a marine sanctuary located between two dormant volcanic craters on the southeast tip of Oahu. The clear, shallow waters are home to a multitude of tropical fish and marine life, making it one of the best places to snorkel on Oahu. Learn more...


Kailua Beach

Kailua is just up the road from Lanikai and is known for its windsurfing, boat ramp and the opportunity to rent sailboards, kayaks or canoes. There is plenty parking and full facilities making this a popular beach for families. Learn more...


Lanikai Beach

Named world’s No. 1 beach by several experts in recent years.  White sparkling sand and calm clear waters are the attraction for many famous photo shoots at this beach. Truly a beach lover's paradise. Learn more...


Waimanalo Beach Park

The Koolau mountain range peers over Waimanalo Beach Park, a three mile stretch of sloping white sand with relatively calm turquoise water. Just a 45 minute drive from Waikiki is a place of serenity and natural beauty. Learn more...


Kawela Beach

Kawela Beach is framed with coconut trees and one of the most secluded on all of Oahu. Kawela is located near the Turtle Bay Resort. Unlike other North Shore beaches, Kawela is protected by an offshore reef and it keeps the waters calm year round. If you're looking to work on your tan, this is a good beach. It's not so good for swimming or snorkeling as the water is not as clear as other places. Read Reviews


Makaha Beach

Makaha is the place where big wave surfing was pioneered. Beware of the sloping sand beachhead that can cause backwash and catch unsuspecting visitors off guard.


Mokule'ia Beach

Mokule'ia Beach- a truly secluded beach on the North Shore. Not your typical hangout for tourists, and surf rats. The beach itself is thin and long and framed with pine trees and the Waianae mountain range. When the waves are up, it's good for boogie boarding, calmer waters make for great snorkeling. As with any place frequented by tourist, don't bring valuables and especially don't leave them in the car. They won't be there when you return. Read TripAdvisor Reviews


Sunset Beach

A surfer’s paradise during winter months. Sunset beach was host to Van’s Triple Crown surfing completion. You will find mostly pro suffers and locals at this beach. Parking can be an issue on days with high surf. Go here for the waves and sun as you won’t find much shade. This is a great beach for swimming during the summer months. Read TripAdvisor Reviews


Waikiki Beach

Located on the south end of Oahu, Waikiki showcases over two miles of beautiful sand, crystal clear water and many resorts. Playground for Hawaiian royalty of years gone and now the most famous beach in Hawaii. Read more...


Waimea Bay Beach

Home to the Quiksilver surf competition in Memory of Eddie Aikau, Waimea is popular in the summer for snorkelers and tourist; and notorious for legendary waves in the winter months. Big wave season is usually November through February. Many times during the winter, the beach will be blocked from entry unless you are an experienced surfer. Read TripAdvisor Reviews


Ehukai Beach-Banzai Pipeline

Monster waves are a surfers dream at Ehukai Beach during the winter months from November to February. Unless you are a surfing pro, I would strongly suggest you stay out of the water. It is one of the more dangerous surfing spots in the world. Take precautions. The water can rush up on to the beach unexpectedly and pull you out into the surf. Read TripAdvisor Reviews

WARNING: Please pay close attention and heed all warning signs and be aware of changing conditions, strong currents and reefs when visiting the beaches. Not all beaches are good for everyone. Use caution when deciding which is right for you.