When To Visit Maui

When to visit Maui may be best determined by your priorities. If you are looking to take advantage of lower hotel rates and discounted airfare, the best times to visit are April through May and September through November. During the summer and winter months you will experience heavy crowds and pay a premium for travel and accommodations. However, if you're into surfing, the winter provides the best conditions for the “perfect” wave. Although the cost is greater, the ocean is calmer in the summer and more enjoyable for younger swimmers.




Maui has several micro-climates but the daytime temperatures at the beach average 85°F (29°C) in the summer and 78°F (26°C) during the winter; nighttime lows are usually about 10° cooler. The rainy season is November through March. The leeward sides (west and south) are usually hotter and drier and can receive as little as 10 inches of rain a year while the windward sides (east and north) are typically cooler and wetter and can receive the highest amount of rainfall on earth any given year; an abundance of rain is what makes Kahului, Haiku, and Hana so lush and tropical.


Note: If you plan to visit Maui between the last week in April and early May, be sure you book your accommodations, interisland flights, and car rentals in advance. In Japan, the last week of April is called Golden Week because three Japanese holidays take place one after the other.

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