Hanalei Colony Resort


In 2011, Islands Magazine listed Hanalei Colony Resort as one of the “Top 10 Romantic Getaways Worldwide” Framed by majestic emerald mountains, waterfalls and lush tropical surroundings, this dreamy little cluster of cottages nestled on a secluded stretch of Kauai’s North Shore is one of the islands hidden gems.

HCR is where you go to escape the hectic lifestyle so many of us lead. This simple yet elegant retreat is the perfect hideaway for romance, those looking to reconnect and those looking to disconnect. Many reviewers online hesitate to write about their experience here for fear this magnificent retreat will become well-known.


Although you can hide away from the world at Hanalei Colony Resort, you are not far from restaurants and Hanalei Town, as well as one of the most pristine beaches in the United States, Ke’e Beach. There are hiking trails with magical views and water activities such as kayaking, swimming, standup paddle boarding and some of Hawaii’s best golf.


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TIP: The main attraction of Hanalei Colony Resort is the ocean. If you are planning a stay at HCR, splurge for one of the premium ocean suites and enjoy panoramic views only 10 feet from the sand. Short of pitching a tent on the beach, you won’t get any closer to the water than this. Book Now

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