Lumaha'i Beach

Kauai, Hawaii

Lumahai Beach is located on Kauai’s north shore between Hanalei Bay and Ha'ena State Park. A case could be made that Lumahai Beach may be the most beautiful beach on Kauai. This beach was chosen as the location to film the motion picture South Pacific. It is difficult to take a pic of this beach that does not look like a postcard.

Although Lumahai is stunning to photograph it is one of the deadliest beaches on the island. The beach is directly exposed to the ocean waves except for the far eastern section which has a degree of protection from a natural rock barricade. You may see people swimming here during the summer when the ocean is a bit calmer but even then they enter the water at their own peril. The power of the waves here can be tremendous and you can easily be pulled out by strong currents. There is no lifeguard at this beach. If you want to swim, please use other beaches that are safer such as Hanalei Bay or Ke’e Beach.

The east side of Lumahai Beach usually has plenty of parking and is right off the highway. There are several trails from the highway that provide access to Kahalahala, the eastern end of the beach. The western end of the beach is accessed from an iron wood forest parking lot along the Lumahai River

Great For
Sunbathing, beach walks, and picnics. This is NOT a swimming beach. Don’t be fooled by the locals you might see body boarding or surfing. They have been coming here for years and know these treacherous waters well.

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