Ke'e Beach

Kauai, Hawaii

Ke’e Beach (pronounced Keh-AY) is truly
“Paradise at the end of the road.”




When you dream of Hawaii, flashes of Ke’e Beach surely must come to mind. The Magnificent Lush Green Mountains that slope all the way to the beach keep out the development of posh resorts and chain restaurants. You won’t find a gas station or any other sign of modern culture at the end of the road. Nothing but spectacular lush tropical jungle and a beach that is described by many as the most pristine beach in the world.


Ke’e Beach has been the backdrop for movies and television shows including the miniseries “The Thornbirds” with Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward. The coastline is jagged and steep and hides Kalalau trail that leads to Hanakapiai and Kalalau Beach.

Ke'e's gentle lagoon is best when ocean conditions are calmer in the summer months. This is also a good time for snorkeling as the lagoon is protected from waves by reefs just off shore and the water can be as clear as a swimming pool. You can catch a glimpse of the entire Na Pali coast as it stretches westwards from this point.

"I need the sea because it teaches me"

-Pablo Neruda

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From the beach, you can also start the 4 mile round trip hike to Hanakapiai Beach. The parking is limited at the beach and usually fills up by 9:00 AM due to the hikers getting an early start. It is advisable to use the dirt parking lot about a quarter mile before you get to the end of the road. This is the overflow parking when Ke’e Beach’s lot is full.


Beware of the Puka Ulua, an opening to the left of the lagoon. Currents can be very strong here, especially in the winter. Never turn your back on the sea.


If you came to Hawaii to see a spectacular sunset, you will find it here at Ke’e Beach. Each day at dusk you will find a small group gathering to watch as the sun drops beneath the horizon and cast a blazing display of orange and red bursts of light rays across the Hawaiian sky. Don’t forget your beach camera!












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