Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach, top rated by TripAdvisor readers, is a short distance from the cruise ship dock and a great place to relax away from the boat. The clear, calm waters make it a great spot for hanging out the whole day. The fact that there's a great little beach bar close by doesn't hurt either. There is a limited amount of shade but umbrella and chair rentals are available onsite. There is also an onsite rental kiosk for water sports.

If you are lucky enough to be there at sunset, you will enjoy the magic of the Caribbean waters as they reflect the brilliance of the setting sun. The beach is nice and sandy but to the far right and left it gets rocky. There is a net available for volleyball if it's not already up and being used. Rainbow is very popular on Sundays; you'll find it much quieter during the week.

Cane BayCane Bay is a small beach on the north side of St. Croix. You can enjoy the tropical breezes sunbathing, walking, or having a cool drink at a beach bar. The bay is usually an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. To dive the wall, swim out about .25 miles where the depth plunges to nearly 1000 feet for some amazing views of aquatic life. There's a dive shop onsite with gear rental.The beautiful white sand beach is framed with palm trees and shade. You cant rent chairs at a local kiosk. Great place to spend the day.

Protestant CayProtestant Cay is rated by many as "best beach on the island," and home of Hotel on The Cay is a short ferry ride from Christiansted. Great beach for swimming, families with children and working on that Caribbean tan. This is a tropical paradise with birds and music and the tranquility of the bay. The beach faces town and offers some amazing views of Christiansted and Fort Christianvearn. A few palm trees and palm-covered umbrellas offer shade. (The ferry departs from the boardwalk that is in front of the park next to Fort Christianvearn; be sure to check the schedule. The cost is $3 round trip.)

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shoy-s-beachShoy Beach can be your own private secluded Caribbean beach during the week. It is quiet and relaxing and considered by many as one of the prettiest beaches on St. Croix. You will find crystal clear water and white sand. Access the beach through the guard gate of Buccaneer Resort and then turn right. Drive past the golf course and residential area and there's a small parking area with a short path to the beach. The east end of the beach is better for swimming while the opposite end offers good snorkeling.

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chenay BayChenay Bay Beach is a picturesque little beach and home to Chenay Bay Beach Resort. the beach is open to the public. This white sand beach is a great place to spend a quite and relaxing day in the sun. Wind surfers, snorkeling, kayak and sunfish rentals are available. There's a beachside bar and restaurant to enjoy lunch and drinks while basking in the tranquility of the beach. There is a bit of sea grass close to shore. Swimming out along the right side to the point is better for snorkeling. There's a playset for kids just behind the tree line.

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