The Spectacular Beaches of Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico is truly a beach lover’s paradise with hundreds of beaches to choose from. The best beach can truly be defined by the one in search of it. Whether you are looking for unspoiled, secluded white sand beaches or ones easily accessible with all the amenities, Puerto Rico has them all.

Flamenco Beach

Consistently ranked a top ten world beach, Flamenco is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Read More...


La Chiva (Blue) Beach

Great for long walks on the beach, snorkeling in crystal clear water, and breathtaking scenery, La Chiva has been voted best beach in the Caribbean. Read More...


Caracas (Red) Beach

Located on the south side of Vieques along the Caribbean Sea, Playa Caracas (Red) Beach is a family friendly beach on the National Wildlife Refuge . Read More...


Playa Sucia/La Playuela

(Cabo Rojo)

Dramatic scenery, Azure blue water, natural bridges, hidden caves and dramatic scenery are what make La Playuela a true Caribbean all-inclusive beach for nature lovers. Read more...

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