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The Emerald Coast-America’s Riviera

              The first time I heard of Destin Beach, I didn’t give it much thought due to the copious press that Miami and the Florida Keys receive. I had heard of the town Pensacola Beach but again, I was less than impressed and never really looked into further. Bias …Read more

Hurricane Nathan

              Florida usually has a bit of warning when a hurricane is lurking offshore and threatening pending disaster. However, this last week, the sunshine state never knew what hit them. The wife and I planned a long weekend in southwest Florida to celebrate our 23rd anniversary. It was the …Read more

My Favorite Beach by Tim Speer

My Favorite Beach by Tim Speer I was asked to write an article about a favorite beach. And, as I often do, I ended up turning a rather simple question into a more complicated one. That is because as I started thinking about it, I realized that people like going to the beach for different …Read more

Travel With Your Children

Why You Should Travel With Your Children by guest blogger Amanda @ We have been traveling with our son since he was 8 months old. When Nathan asked me to write a post on traveling with kids, I had never thought much about how scary it can actually be for some people to pack …Read more

I Drove All Night to Get To The Beach

The Only Thing I Need is The Beach. I drove all night to get there. Ever had one of those weeks or worse, one of those months? I found myself in that condition one week this last fall. It had definitely been one of those months. I work from home and sometimes find myself not …Read more

7 Local Secrets To Visiting Santa Cruz, California

7 Local Secrets to Visiting Santa Cruz, California   Written by guest blogger, Ross Campbell   The Best Beaches Aren’t Crowded – Though there is plenty of coastline to go around in Santa Cruz, many tourists and visitors flock to the most crowded beaches, usually one of the beaches near the popular Boardwalk amusement park. …Read more

Branson- For an Ozark Mountain Christmas

Branson, MO an Ozark Mountain Christmas For several years now my wife has begged me to go to Branson, Missouri. I’m such a lover of the beach that I couldn’t fathom taking a vacation and not getting sand between my toes, the smell of coconut oil, or a sunburn on my bald head. Oddly enough, …Read more

White Christmas vs White Christmas

White Christmas vs White Christmas Looking for a place to spend Christmas wearing flip flops instead of a parka?   Although many people enjoy spending the holiday season at home with loved ones, others seek to get away and soak up tropical breezes and warm sun. A white Christmas may be the picture perfect setting …Read more

12 Tips to Save On Travel

12 Tips To Save on Travel Let’s face it, we all look forward to time away. Time when we can relax and unwind from the pressures of everyday life. However, with the ever-increasing costs related to travel, you can become more stressed out when you start trying to plan a trip and realize you need …Read more

10 Reasons To Have a Destination Maui Wedding

10 Reasons to Have Destination Maui Wedding At some point before their big day, we want to help brides figure out the best-kept nuptial secret — A destination Maui wedding is an ideal and easy way to say I Do. Now we’re letting the secret out, and presenting you with 10 amazing and realistic reasons …Read more