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RxForTravelBlues is your ER stop for Vitamin Sea deficiency. Whether you are looking for a spa escape at a celestial beachfront resort or you prefer to bury your toes in the fluffy snow white sand of a secluded tropical beach, RxForTravelBlues is here to help you find your perfect beach. Our beach guide will give you reviews, tips, and strategies to plan the perfect beach vacation. beach, beaches, beach vacation, best beaches, top u.s. beaches, beach day, beach life.



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Planning a beach vacation can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with researching new destinations. However, some of the fun of taking a vacation can be in the research, dreaming and customizing your itinerary to fit your individual needs. It doesn't have to be an overwhelming task if you have a little help.


We are here to walk you through the planning process from start to finish. We have written a detailed planning guide to help you design the perfect beach vacation, family reunion or romantic beach getaway with your special someone.

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